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Born the association of people coming public and private sector, either academic as corporations, Caraíve Group of International Relations and Public Policies is a nonprofit and associative legal entity governed by private law, under an indefinite term of duration, organized and constituted under Brazilian law, aiming to understand the dynamic interaction between public policies and international relations.

Caraíve Group complies with legal principles consecrated in constitution and international treaties, with special relevance to be given to human rights, the right of people to self-determination, human being’s dignity, liberty and equality, pursuing the following goals:

I – to promote knowledge sharing on issues related to international relations, foreigner’s investments in Brazil and private participation in Public Administration projects, through lectures, conferences, seminars, fairs, congresses, training, debates, dialogues, meetings and events;

II – to conduct researches and studies about the above-mentioned related subjects, developing methodologies and tools in order to go deeply into foreigner’s investments knowledge and investments possibilities in Brazil, as well as possible private participations in Public Administration’s projects;

III – to encourage and realize knowledge extension to community, especially youth professionals’ improvement according to the areas of interests;

IV – to establish communication channels mechanisms developed for publishing, producing, spreading and managing information related to its activity field;

V – to provide advices for individuals and legal entities who intends, if foreigners, to invest in Brazil or, foreigners or not, to collaborate to Public Administration, furnishing technical orientation and aid for the measures potentially enhancers of their practices;

VI – to perform negotiation, conciliation, mediation and arbitration, mainly for economic litigation;

VII – to articulate partnerships among individuals and legal entities, so as to achieve such goals.

At this moment, Caraíve Group is negotiating with universities, companies and organizations for widening its coverage and influence over market and academy.

The Group’s brand, conceived natives’ symbols and nature representatives’ elements, synthesizes our intentions and expectances.

Like water, Caraíve Group seeks to grow with many contributions of its members and partners.

Like wind, Caraíve Group desires to give movement to social actors and to give a wider sense to the uninterrupted course of life.

The Group’s history is, therefore, under process of invention and promises scenes of actions for which we invite you to take part.

Professor Dr. Marco Antônio Ribeiro Tura, PhD.

Professor Emílio Mendonça Dias da Silva, LLM.

Professor Dr. Danilo Vieira Vilela, PhD.
Secretary of Administration

Professor Dr. Pedro Luiz Frare Júnior, PhD.
Secretary of Finances