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Since Caraíve Group’s creation, its associates conceived the organization to be efficient, with no loss to its legitimacy and legality.

For that, its bylaws establishes only two bodies: General Assembly and Administrative Council.

The General Assembly, which is composed by founders associates and effective members, is the Group’s highest deliberative body and can have ordinary meeting, once a year, and extraordinary meeting, by requisition or request of legitimated persons.

The Administrative Council, composed by the founders associates, by three members elected among the effective members and by two elected honorary members, is the deliberative and executive body, responsible to conduct day-to-day issues relating to institutional activities. It is formed by five positions directly elected by the General Assembly for three-year mandates: a) president; b) secretary-general; c) administrative secretary; d) secretary of finances; e) secretary of communication.

During the activities’ performances, the associates agreed that new structures, endowed by certain portion of deliberative and executive autonomy, should be created.

Thus, Brazilian Center of Economic Litigation (Caraíve arbitration), the Study Group on Global Economy (Caraíve research) and the Service Office (Caraíve services) have arisen.

By virtue of operational difficulties, educational sector (Caraíve Education) remained structurally bound to the Group until the High Studies School can be formalized and have its functioning authorized.

Caraíve Group has been institutionally drawn to operate at three fronts: a) education and research; b) advising and consultancy; c) mediation and arbitration.

The four institutional brands, which are viewed at the beginning of the page and that follows the own sites of each sector, are meaningful of the idea that specific differences suit agility, but never fit the excuse to eliminate its global purpose to promote fair development, economic, social and environmental balanced, which is the Group’s main project.